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3 Festivals for 2024

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Emma Tarlo

Emma Tarlo: Under the Hornbeams

Saturday 01 June | 12:30 - 1:30pm

£8 plus £1 transaction fee for non-QUAD members Venue: QUAD, DE1 3AS

Saturday 1 June, 12:30 - 1:30pm, QUAD

Kindly sponsored by East Midlands Business Chamber

'I'm not homeless: this is my home!'

Emma Tarlo first met Nick and Pascal when out walking. They live and sleep outside - under the hornbeam trees in Regent’s Park and have lived alongside each other in London's streets for 20 years, yet do not identify as homeless.

Nick is an avid reader of history and philosophy - able to converse on any topic; Pascal is quiet, spending much of his time lying still, communicating silently with birds and animals.

Gradually, through the sharing of food, conversation and life stories, they develop a friendship, prompting Emma to ask questions about her own life.

Under the Hornbeams is a life-affirming story that pays homage to the power of human connection and upturns many of our preconceptions about home, family, work and community.

Please note: Each QUAD ticket is subject to a £1 transaction fee at checkout with the exception of bookings made by QUAD members. This £1 goes directly towards the running of QUAD.

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