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3 Festivals for 2024

Recordings summer 2024 4


Recordings: Summer 2024

Thursday 30 May


Whether you can't join us in person or you'd like to rewatch your favourite author again, you can with our recorded programme option.

Here is a list of all the individual recordings that can be purchased from our Summer Collection:

  • Polly Toynbee: An Uneasy Inheritance
  • The Countess of Carnarvon: The Earl and the Pharaoh
  • Francis Spufford: Cahokia Jazz
  • Emma Tarlo: Under the Hornbeams
  • Christine Kenyon-Jones: Jane Austen and Lord Byron
  • James O’Brien: How They Broke Britain
  • Abigail Dean: Day One
  • Helen Mort and Sarah Lister: Celebrating Kinder Scout
  • Wendy Moore: Jack and Eve
  • Debut historical novelists: Sarah Marsh & Elizabeth O’Connor
  • Mick Conefrey: Fallen – George Mallory and the 1924 Everest Tragedy
  • Patrick Grant: Less: A Life in Fashion and How We Save the World with Clothes
  • Arthur Parkinson: Chicken Boy/ Planting a Paradise

We will email you individual links to the recordings after the Festival has finished and they will be available to view for a period of six weeks* (from Saturday 8 June to Saturday 20 July.). Please do not share any of the links you receive.

*Please note: some events may be available for a shorter period if the author has requested this and we will give you this information.

Don't forget, there is always the option to purchase a Digital Pass. If you plan to watch four or more recordings, this is the most cost-effective options. More details can be viewed here.

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