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3 Festivals for 2024

Ruth Allen 700x700

Ruth Allen

Ruth Allen: Weathering

Monday 03 June | 6 - 7pm

£5 Venue: Waterstones Derby, DE1 1SR

Monday 3 June, 6 - 7pm, Waterstones Derby, DE1 1SR

Rocks and mountains have withstood aeons of life on our planet - gradually eroding, shifting, solidifying, and weathering. We are also weathering: evolving and changing as we're transformed by the shifting climates of our lives and experiences.

Outdoor psychotherapist and geologist Ruth Allen takes us on a journey through deep time and ancient landscapes, showing how geology - which has formed the bedrock of her own adult life and approach to therapy - can offer us a new way of thinking about ourselves and the world we live in.

Ruth will be in conversation with Carly Butler, Researcher in Nature Connectedness at the University of Derby.

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