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3 Festivals for 2024

Alison Weir 24 700x700

Alison Weir

Alison Weir: Mary I: Queen of Sorrows

Thursday 30 May | 2 - 3pm

£10 plus £1 transaction fee for non-QUAD members Venue: QUAD, DE1 3AS

Thursday 30 May, 2 - 3pm, QUAD

How did a princess with such promise, loved by all who knew her, become the infamous Bloody Mary?

Adored only child of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, Princess Mary grows up as his sole heiress. But her father wants a son. With her parents' marriage in crisis, Mary is banished from the court and kept apart from the mother she adores. The King promises to restore her to favour, but first Mary must do something for which she will never forgive herself.

When her brother Edward VI dies, she finds herself fighting for the crown and her life. Emerging triumphant, all seems fair for the reign of Queen Mary. And then things began to go badly wrong ...

Please note: Each QUAD ticket is subject to a £1 transaction fee at checkout with the exception of bookings made by QUAD members. This £1 goes directly towards the running of QUAD.

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