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Due to Covid-19 we have had to postpone our Festival, scheduled for 29 May- 6 June 2020, but we are committed to bringing you an extended and extensive Autumn Edition. If you would like to see what we were planning for the Festival, you can take a look at our proposed Festival programme

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Flash Fiction Competition

By - 04 May 2020 - 12:38pm

We've answered a few of your FAQs about the competition to help you write your stories.

Our 2020 Flash Fiction competition was announced last week and we’ve had over 100 entries already! We’ve had a few queries about the competition following an interview on Radio Derby’s Andy Twigge show on Saturday morning so we thought we'd address those here.

Does my story have to be exactly 50 words long?

The word limit is up to 50 words. In the past we asked for stories of exactly 50 words but for our 2019 competition we changed this. So long as you don’t exceed 50 words, you’ll be able to submit your stories. Do not that hyphenated words count as one word and other punctuation can affect the word count so you may need to play around with your wording to get it right. Most people have a go first at drafting their stories in a package such as Microsoft Word and check the number of words using the 'word count' function. You can then cut and paste your finished story into the form.

How many times can I enter?

People have also asked whether they can enter more than once. You can enter as many stories as you can write – and many people already have!

What is the deadline?

You have until Tuesday 2 June at 10pm to get your stories in. The winning stories in each category will receive a £50 book token and have their stories printed on Festival bookmarks. To find out more and submit your 50-word story, click here.

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