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Our Autumn Edition 2021 will be held from 5 – 7 November with 10 events in QUAD and 1 event on 9 November in Derby Theatre. Tickets will go on sale in September from our Events web link or from the venues.

Autumn Edition - 5-9 Nov

Steve Richards The Prime Ministers We Never Had Cover RS1

Steve Richards

Steve Richards: The Prime Ministers We Never Had

Friday 05 November | 8pm

£5 - £10 Venue: QUAD

Friday 5 November, 8-9pm at QUAD

Was Harold Wilson a bigger figure than Denis Healey? Was John Major more 'prime ministerial' than Michael Heseltine? Would David Miliband have become Prime Minister if it were not for his brother Ed? Would Ed have become Prime Minister if it were not for David? How close did Jeremy Corbyn come to being Prime Minister?

Many column inches have been filled with deliberations about who would have made a better Prime Minister than the one elected.

In this piercing and original study, journalist and political columnist Steve Richards (BBC’s The Week in Westminster) looks at 11 Prime Ministers we never had, examining what made each of these illustrious figures unique and why they failed to make the final leap to the very top. Combining astute insights into the demands of leadership with compelling historical analysis, this fascinating exploration of failure and success sheds new light on some of the most compelling characters in British public life.

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