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Important News

We are currently planning a hybrid Festival with a mix of live, live streamed, recorded and virtual events from 27 May – 5 June 2021. If the government’s Roadmap goes to plan and the four conditions are met, our venues will start to reopen from 17 May and we plan to host live Festival events.

All tickets now on sale!

Russ Alex

Russ Thomas & Alex Reeve

Alternative Crime: Russ Thomas & Alex Reeve

Monday 31 May | 5.30 - 6.30pm

£7 Venue: Carriage Shop Theatre, Derby College (Roundhouse) DE24 8JE

Russ Thomas and Alex Reeve have both hit the literary world with crime thrillers with fascinating and enigmatic protagonists: one a gay detective in Sheffield and one a cross-dressing investigative journalist in Victorian London.

Following the success of his debut novel, Firewatching, former Waterstones Derby manager, Russ Thomas, brings us another investigation by the enigmatic DS Adam Tyler. In Nighthawking, Adam’s murder investigations draw him into the secretive world of nighthawkers: treasure-hunters who operate under cover of darkness, seeking the lost and valuable… and willing to kill to keep what they find.

In Alex Reeve’s latest Leo Stanhope mystery, The Butcher of Berner Street, takes the journalist on a search for a murderer in the grubby streets of East London, putting himself in more danger than he could have foreseen.

Free parking is available for attendees of events at Derby College.

Alex Reeve image copyright Claire Newman-Williams

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