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We are currently planning a hybrid Festival with a mix of live, live streamed, recorded and virtual events from 27 May – 5 June 2021. If the government’s Roadmap goes to plan and the four conditions are met, our venues will start to reopen from 17 May and we plan to host live Festival events.

All tickets now on sale!

Patricia Fara Erasmus Darwin DMAG resized

Patricia Fara

Patricia Fara: Erasmus Darwin: Sex, Science, and Serendipity

Tuesday 01 June | 5 - 6pm

£8 Venue: Derby Museum & Art Gallery, DE1 1BS

Please arrive at 4.30pm if you wish to visit the Joseph Wright Gallery to view his painting of Erasmus Darwin before Patricia's talk begins at 5pm

Dr Erasmus Darwin seemed an innocuous Midlands physician and stalwart of 18th century society, but there was another side to him.

Botanist, physician, Lunar inventor and popular poet, Darwin was internationally renowned for extraordinary poems about sex and science, yet his character was savaged by London's satirists.

Intrigued, historian Patricia Fara set out to investigate why. His evolutionary ideas influenced his grandson Charles, were banned by the Vatican, and scandalized his critics. But he shines out as an impassioned Enlightenment reformer who championed the abolition of slavery and the education of women.

Image copyright Dorothy Livingston.

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