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Derby Book Festival 2022

Tickets now on sale for all events!

All tickets now on sale

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Estelle Read

Marketing Derby Bondholder Event: Estelle Read: Inner Brilliance, Outer Shine

Tuesday 24 May | 8:45-10:15am

£8 (Free to Marketing Derby Bondholders) Venue: Museum of Making, DE1 3AF

Tuesday 24 May, 8.45-10.15am, Museum of Making, DE1 3AF

The ticket price includes breakfast.

If you are a Marketing Derby Bondholder, this event is FREE. Please book through Lindsey Hatfield.

Other bookings online.

Optimise your success, performance, productivity and wellbeing to lead your best business-life.

Are you concerned about being found out?

Do you think your success is down to luck?

Do you doubt yourself?

Are you worried about the value you add to your organisation?

Do you feel as though you’re not good enough sometimes?

You’re not alone. According to the International Journal of Behavioural Science, more than 70% of people are affected by workplace imposter syndrome at some point in their lives.

When imposter syndrome gets out of control it drives workaholism. This is because when we don’t feel we are good enough and are unable to internalise our achievements, it results in a never-ending cycling of proving.

People do not deliberately set out to over-work, feel miserable, become stressed by their success, think badly of themselves or damage their health and relationships. However, these are the people Estelle Read has been working with in her coaching and training practice for the last 16 years, and the issues are on the rise.

Imagine how people could be when they are fully believing in themselves and the results in work and a life this could generate.

Inner Brilliance, Outer Shine takes you through a step-by-step process to help you to eliminate the things that create imposter syndrome.

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