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Derby Book Festival 2022

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All tickets now on sale

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Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel: Every Family Has A Story: How we inherit love and loss

Friday 20 May | 5.00pm-6.00pm

£8 Venue: QUAD

Friday 20 May, 5-6pm at QUAD

What predicts family breakdown? Why do our families drive us mad? What is it that enables some families to thrive despite enormous adversity, when others fragment?

In Every Family Has A Story, best-selling psychotherapist Julia Samuel turns from her acclaimed work with individuals to draw on her sessions with a wide variety of families.

Through eight beautifully bold and insightful case studies, she analyses a range of common issues, from separation and step-relationships to leaving home and loss, showing how much is passed from one generation to the next - and how this inheritance can be faced together.

Her book is a moving and reassuring meditation that, amidst trauma and hardship, tells unforgettable stories of forgiveness, learning and love.

Julia Samuel MBE, is a leading British psychotherapist and the author of the Sunday Times bestsellers This Too Shall Pass and Grief Works.

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