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Derby Book Festival 2022

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All tickets now on sale

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John Wright

John Wright: A Spotter’s Guide to Countryside Mysteries: From Piddocks and Lynchets to Witch's Broom

Sunday 22 May | 2-2:50pm

£7 Venue: Derby College (DE24 8JE)

Sunday 22 May, 2-2.50pm at Derby College

The Derby College Takeover is sponsored by Darwin Escapes

Take a walk in the countryside and so many questions come up. Why is this field laid out the way it is? What is a pond doing on top of that chalk hill? What is the mass of twigs in the middle of this tree?

One of Britain's best-known naturalists, John Wright provides a thrilling guide to the natural (and unnatural) mysteries of the countryside throughout the UK and Ireland. He provides the tools to identify Witch's Broom, Robin's Pincushion, Dew ponds and Hollow Ways, and also their histories, how they come to be, and where to find them.

John will also do A Spotter's Walk in Derby from 5 - 6pm.

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