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Derby Book Festival 2022

Tickets now on sale for all events!

All tickets now on sale

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Takeover Day Pass at Derby College

Sunday 22 May

£25.00 Venue: Derby College (DE24 8JE)

Takeover Day Pass for Sunday 22 May

The Derby College Takeover is sponsored by Darwin Escapes.

Please do not book the events you want to attend on Sunday 22 May on the website - we will send you a booking form so you can book your events direct with us.

Kicking off with the Sunday Papers, our Takeover Day will be packed with a tantalising mix of fiction and non-fiction events, culminating with the annual Festival Book Quiz – which team will end the day in a blaze of glory?

Our Takeover Day is back in a new venue, with all the events in one location at Derby College (Roundhouse). You can buy individual event tickets, but we are also offering a Day Pass to enable you to attend as many events as you want that day. The Festival Book Quiz is not included in the Day Pass and you would need to buy this separately.

Each event will last 50 minutes (40 minutes for the event, 10 minutes for the Q&A) and we have planned 10 minutes between each event to enable people to comfortably move between venues at the Roundhouse.

Derby College has the benefit of free car parking and a Starbucks concession offering drinks and snacks. We hope to offer Day Pass holders pre-ordering of books, drinks, and refreshments.

Please note: whilst there is free car parking at Derby College for the event, cars MUST NOT be left overnight.

How to book your events:

We have planned the Takeover Day so that it is possible to attend up to seven events during the day. You will need to plan your day carefully as there is some overlap of events. You must book for each event you want to attend with the Pass as we cannot guarantee tickets will still be available when you arrive on the day.

We will send you a booking form so you can book your events on Takeover Day direct with us, please do not book them on the website. If you have any questions or queries, please email:

Please send us your booking form as early as possible but by at least one week before (Friday 13 May) the Festival starts.

You can choose up to seven events from the following list:

Sunday Papers
Caitlin Davies: Queens of the Underworld: A Journey into the Lives of Female Crooks
Susanne Masters: Wild Waters: A wildlife and water lover's companion to the aquatic world
Women, Class and Writing the Past - Louise Hare: Miss Aldridge Regrets & Rhiannon Ward: The Shadowing
Julia Stonehouse: John Stonehouse, My Father: The True Story of the Runaway MP
Ben Aitken: The Marmalade Diaries: The True Story of an Odd Couple
John Wright: A Spotter’s Guide to Countryside Mysteries: From Piddocks and Lynchets to Witch's Broom
Stacey Halls: Mrs England
Garry Martin: The Orcadian Trilogy
Lulah Ellender: Grounding: Finding Home in a Garden
Arthur der Weduwen/Andrew Pettegree: The Library: A Fragile History
A Spotter's Walk in Derby with John Wright
Debut: Alex Hyde: Violets

Please note, tickets to the Derby Book Festival Quiz must be booked separately.

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