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Important News

We are currently planning a hybrid Festival with a mix of live, live streamed, recorded and virtual events from 27 May – 5 June 2021. If the government’s Roadmap goes to plan and the four conditions are met, our venues will start to reopen from 17 May and we plan to host live Festival events.

All tickets now on sale!

Joint Authors

Lucy Jago & Natasha Pulley

Creating Historical Fiction: Lucy Jago & Natasha Pulley

Tuesday 01 June | 6.30 - 7.30pm

£8 Venue: Carriage Shop Theatre, Derby College (Roundhouse) DE24 8JE

Join us to hear about two of the most eagerly awaited historical novels of 2021.

Lucy Jago’s A Net for Small Fishes, is based on the true scandal that rocked the court of James I: an exhilarating dive into the pitch-dark waters of the Jacobean court. Frances Howard has beauty and a powerful family – and is the most unhappy creature in the world. Anne Turner has wit and talent – but no stage on which to display them. Little stands between her and the abyss of destitution. When these two very different women meet in the strangest of circumstances, a powerful friendship is sparked. But as they gain notice, they also gain enemies; what began as a search for love and safety leads to desperate acts that could cost them everything.

Natasha Pulley’s The Kingdoms is a dazzling time-slip alternative history that moves between French-occupied London and rebellious Scotland. Joe Tournier, who suffers from memory loss, is sent a postcard of a remote lighthouse in the Outer Hebrides. The lighthouse is new, but the postcard was written nearly 100 years earlier, by a stranger who seems to know him very well. Joe’s journey to unravel the truth will take him back through time in a battle for his life - and for a very different future.

Joe’s journey to unravel the truth will take him from to a remote Scottish island, and back through time itself as he battles for his life – and for a very different future.

Free parking is available for attendees of events at Derby College.

Lucy Jago image copyright Jonathan Ring, Natasha Pulley image copyright Jamie Drew.

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