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We are currently planning a hybrid Festival with a mix of live, live streamed, recorded and virtual events from 27 May – 5 June 2021. If the government’s Roadmap goes to plan and the four conditions are met, our venues will start to reopen from 17 May and we plan to host live Festival events.

All tickets now on sale!

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Christian Wolmar

Christian Wolmar: Cathedrals of Steam

Saturday 29 May | 12.30 - 1.30pm

£10 Venue: Carriage Shop Theatre, Derby College (Roundhouse) DE24 8JE

Award winning writer and broadcaster, Christian Wolmar, specialises in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history.

In his latest he celebrates London’s twelve major railway stations, more than any other city in the world. They range from the grand and palatial, such as King's Cross and Paddington, to the modest and lesser known, such as Fenchurch Street and Cannon Street. These monuments to the age of the train are the hub of London's transport system and their development, decline and recent renewal have determined the history of the capital in many ways.

Built between 1836 and 1899 by competing private train companies seeking to outdo one another, the construction of these terminuses caused tremendous upheaval and had a widespread impact on their local surroundings. What were once called 'slums' were demolished, green spaces and cemeteries were concreted over, and vast marshalling yards, engine sheds and carriage depots sprung up in their place.

Free parking is available for attendees of events at Derby College.

Image copyright Paul Bigland.

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