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Our Autumn Edition 2021 will be held from 5 – 7 November with 10 events in QUAD and 1 event on 9 November in Derby Theatre. Tickets will go on sale in September from our Events web link or from the venues.

Autumn Edition - 5-9 Nov

Alan Johnson cover Late Train RS1

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson: The Late Train to Gipsy Hill

Saturday 06 November | 8pm

£5 - £10 Venue: QUAD

Saturday 6 November, 8-9pm at QUAD

Former MP and Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s three biographies of his East End childhood and early political career were garlanded with awards and critical acclaim. He’s now penned his first novel, a gripping thriller set in London.

Each day, Gary Nelson commutes to his rather dull job in the city and watches as a woman on the train applies her make-up in a ritual he now knows by heart. He's never dared to strike up a conversation ...

Then one evening, on the late train to Gipsy Hill, she invites him to take the empty seat beside her and he watches as she scrawls the words 'HELP ME' on a mirror.

From that moment, Gary's life is turned on its head. He finds himself on the run from the Russian mafia, the FSB and even the Metropolitan Police - all because of what this mysterious young woman may have witnessed and he discovers that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye ...

Image copyright Nell Dunn.

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