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Due to Covid-19 we have had to postpone our Festival, scheduled for 29 May- 6 June 2020, but we are committed to bringing you an extended and extensive Autumn Edition. If you would like to see what we were planning for the Festival, you can take a look at our proposed Festival programme

Our planned Festival programme

More events coming soon


The Festival’s five-year programme to support writing and storytelling by Derby College’s Lexis students

Since 2015 Derby Book Festival’s Community programme has worked with students learning English on Derby College’s Lexis programme. These students are aged 16 to 19 and have only recently arrived in the UK. Many of them are refugees and asylum seekers. Each year, the Festival publishes a book of their stories, ably illustrated by art and design students from the College.

Every year we organise an inspirational speaker for the students and editing workshops for their writing. The stories they write for the books are about their journeys to the UK, which are often traumatic, or talk about their experiences once they arrive in Derby and start to study at Derby College. The students meet their art student illustrators to talk about their writing and agree an illustrative approach.

This year our Lexis book is called ‘Our Global Family: Lexis Stories’. You can read it online below, order a copy from the website, and watch the video about the book on our Shared Writing Events page.

If you would like to read more Lexis stories and explore other aspects of our work under the Shared Writing programme follow the links.

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Past LEXIS publications

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Our 2019 Lexis book, ‘Our Past, Present and Future’ is now available to read online. You will find more information about our work with the Lexis students in the introduction at the front and the summary section at the back of the book.

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2020 Community Event

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Explore our 2020 books – including ‘Our Global Family’ - through video, with students reading their poems and stories from our virtual Celebration Event