Science, Art, & Gender: challenging the barriers!
In partnership with Lunar21

6:00pm - 7:30pm - Wednesday 6 June

Derby Museum and Art Gallery, DE1 1BS

The original Lunar Society brought together sparky individuals who used their enquiring minds and knowledge across different disciplines, to challenge accepted thinking. Lunar21 aims to be a thinking space for the people of Derby. Described as ‘Derby’s non-political ‘think-tank’’, asking questions that have no obvious answers - and that we must ask if we are to shed light on the 21st century, and Derby’s place in it.

Patricia Fara is an author and historian of science at the University of Cambridge. Her areas of particular academic interest include the role of portraiture and art in the history of science, science in the 18th century England during the Enlightenment and the role of women in science.

Taking themes from her work. Lunar 21 will lead a discussion around about some of today’s challenging issues, which have a strong resonance for the future of Derby’s economic and educational institutions and for local employment.

Cafe open until 6pm for pre-event refreshments.

In partnership with

In partnership with Lunar21
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31 May – 8 June 2019

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