Events at Derby Book Festival 2017

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Big Books Project

Last year the University of Derby invited infant, junior and primary schools to be involved in a Big Book Challenge: to create a ‘Big Book’. The books we received were fabulous and there was a prize for the winning books. The theme for the books last year was inspired by illustrations.

This year the Book Challenge is even more exciting because, not only will there be the £50 book vouchers for the winning KS1 and KS2 books, but the University will provide the winning schools with a published version of their book.

Secondary Schools: Meet the Author Event

Christopher’s previous novel, The Many Worlds of Albie Bright, was described by The Times as proving ‘the theory that novels about science can be enormous fun.’ His latest novel The Jamie Drake Equation again has a science theme, this time about having an astronaut for a dad! With all the interest in space travel engendered by Tim Peake, we feel sure Christopher can inspire even the most reluctant reader to read his book. Every Derby City secondary school has been invited to send a group of Year 7s.

Primary Schools: Meet the Author Event (Y2, 3 & 4)

Author Philip Reeve and author/illustrator Sarah McIntyre have created a number of award winning books. Their events are zany and fun and the children can look forward to being entertained and inspired. They are best known for Oliver and the Seawigs, Cakes in Space, and Pugs of the Frozen North. Their latest novel is Jinks and O’Hare Funfair Repair.

Every Derby infant and primary school has been invited to send six pupils and two adults to these events

Primary Schools: Meet the Author Event (Y5 & 6)

Marcia has written and illustrated numerous books since The First Christmas was published in 1987. Many of these have been retellings of classic stories – from Noah’s Ark to Don Quixote – illustrated in her distinctive cartoon-strip style.

She has also written two books about the First and Second World Wars: Archie’s War and My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright. We hope Marcia’s event will inspire students to visit The Silk Mill and will enable them to develop a better understanding of the significance of the Poppies exhibition.

Every Derby infant and primary school has been invited to send six pupils and two adults to these events

Derby Book Festival

9 - 17 June 2017

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