A new beginning

Victoria Curca


My first voyage in September 2015, to England from Romania, was the first time I left my home for such a long time. Fearfully I thought to myself, 'What will I do in another country?' I was excited, yet fearful of the unknown. I listened to music and without realising it, the hours went by, and the plane landed. It was cold, dark and very late. I was in my new home with my sister and brother in law.

My sister Maria said that I had to start college but I chose to stay at home for the first year and try to get comfortable and used to my new surroundings. After that year I felt I couldn’t do anything, I didn’t speak or understand English. I was scared and confused. I came to England to improve my life.

I go to Derby College at the Roundhouse in Derby. I remember the first time I walked to college. Derby is a beautiful and great city. I saw different churches and I was excited. I spotted many shops. I saw the station, it is big and clean. At college, my teachers were nice and very understanding, and my colleagues were also very friendly.

After two weeks I made friends with two girls called Douaa and Sahar. They weren’t Romanian, they were Arabic. It was the first time I had heard the Arabic language. It was strange and for the first time I heard different stories about the Islamic religion. We soon became best friends. I was very shy, but in time I started learning English and making more and more friends. I didn’t feel so confused and I realised that here I could do something with my life and that nothing is impossible.

One day Maria called me to go out to a cafe called Costa. It was spacious and smelled very nice and the coffee was very tasty. I was beginning to like this city more and more but I couldn’t take my mind off my old house and the town where I lived in Romania. I missed it so much but I wasn’t thinking of going back because I chose to leave to make my dreams come true. My dream for the future is to learn to talk through signing so that I can help people with hearing problems.

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