Stepping into Derby

Sukhmander Sidhu


On a summer afternoon of 2017, while I was helping my dad in his building job in London, we had an unexpected phone call from his friend in Derby that has changed our destiny. My father’s friend wanted to do an extension to his house for the occasion of his son’s wedding which was due in two weeks. So we had to travel to Derby urgently to finish the work.

When I came to Derby with my dad and we went around the city to buy the building equipment, we soon realised the difference between London and Derby.

Living in London has been usually an exciting experience for me. It is diverse and culturally rich, but also it is very busy, crowded and very expensive especially the house prices that are rising at a high speed. However, Derby seemed to be a very quiet and peaceful place and the house prices are affordable.

It didn’t take us too long to take the decision to move to live in Derby. We soon contacted an estate agency and we bought a house in Sinfin area where I enrolled in Sinfin Secondary school. After school, I work in a grocery shop and at the weekend I sometimes work with my father. My mother also started working four days in a flower factory when we moved to Derby and she is very happy with her job because in London she used to work twelve hour shifts for seven days a week to make ends meet.

I have quickly adapted to my life in Derby and started college this year to learn English and improve my skills. Derby has become close to my heart.

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