Derby has been my City of hope

Senay Guzai


The first time I left my country I was with three of my friends. I travelled to Ethiopia and after one and a half years I travelled to Sudan, Libya and Italy.

I went to Italy by boat with my family and friends from the same village and many other people, there were about 500 people in the boat. The boat crashed, it was 3am in the morning and it was still very dark. I couldn’t see where I was going, but I could see some light in the distance. Someone was holding onto me for some time, but the sea salt had made everything slimy and he slipped away. I was very scared and petrified, and I knew I needed to swim away from the capsizing boat. I swam for about four and a half hours with other people, but only 157 people survived because they were the ones who could swim. A couple of months later, I went to France by train and I stayed in France for a week and then I came to England in a lorry.

I remember the first time I came to England, I asked the lorry driver if I was in England and he said yes. I felt so happy because when I was in France I had been trying to come to England because I have a lot of my friends in England.

I am good at sports, I do running, swimming and football. I excel at running and run every day except Fridays. I would like to work in a sport related field, this would be exciting. I am also good with art but this is a hobby for me. If I do not get an opportunity to work in sports, I would like to study architecture as this would use some of the skills I already have.

Derby has been good for me, I have made lots of new friends. I go to the gym with friends, I do a lot of sport and relax with my friends. Derby has good parks and leisure facilities that are useful for people to enjoy their lives.

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