Derby has developed my dream

Sanjali Panwar


When I arrived in Derby it was very quiet, it was Boxing Day the 26th of December 2015. At that time I didn’t really understand what Boxing Day was. I felt excited because I never thought I would go to the UK. I travelled by aeroplane and train for the first time to get here. When I arrived, I was jetlagged and I slept for a week.

As I left the house I saw different people, from Africa, Slovakia, Portugal and so many other countries as well. I also couldn’t believe all the different houses. Rooms are very small. I felt surprised because the Derby I saw was different to the picture I had in my head. I didn’t like the UK weather, it was and still is, very windy.

My Dad moved to Derby ten years ago and my Mum and I lived with my grandmother and my extended family in India, in a small city called Dehradun. Many people don't know where Dehradun is because it is not well known.

Two years ago, when conditions were better for my Dad, my Mum and I moved to Derby. At first I felt alone because I don’t have any brothers and sisters and all my cousins live in India. Then one year ago, my brother was born. I'm so happy now because I have fun with him, he is so cute and I feel my family is complete. However, I miss my extended family, friends, cousins and the summers in my village. We used to have big family gatherings and lots of fun together. I don’t miss the food as we can still cook the same food.

I joined college in September 2016 and I have made new friends here. We go out for dinner, lunch, shopping and we enjoy life and sometimes have sleepovers.

I would like to join the Air Force in the future because it is good discipline for life.

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