A dark day with a bright future

Nicu Garaliu


Going back 3 years to the 25th of September 2015, the day before I arrived in England, I was so nervous and excited knowing that I was moving to another country. I was feeling sadness knowing who I was leaving behind. Leaving my friends, who I used to spend all my time around, enjoying the time with them in many different places, I will never forget. But in a way I was feeling free to choose what I want to do next and to think for my own future without having trouble fighting against some stupid rules which make no sense.

The 26th of September my rst day in England! When I arrived, I felt so happy and comfortable. It was windy, but not cold while in Romania at this time the weather was very hot. Of course the pleasant feeling didn’t last for long because it started to rain.

The feeling of being in a different country was strange, because everything was so different. Seeing people from different countries talking in different languages was freaking me out. I thought that everyone was watching me like I should say something. But in a way I was happy to know that some new experiences were waiting for me. I arrived home, where my mom and my sisters were waiting for me and my brother. I was so happy to see them, but because of the long journey I was too tired to stay with them, so I went to sleep.

After a couple of weeks in Derby things weren’t too bad. Actually, things were going well. In such a short period, I had the opportunity to meet many new people from different countries. Three months later I started going to school. There I met many people, including girls from different countries like Russia, Poland, England, India, Spain, and Italy.

Many more experiences were waiting for me, like visiting new cities, starting new activities, and learning about different cultures. After one year, I started to get used to living in the UK, but I still miss Romania, my friends and my family. I used to do boxing, and now I miss the feeling of fighting in the ring and winning. However, it is a new beginning for me and I will not lose this chance!

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