Feeling free

Molla Tesfay


Living in a country where you have the basic freedom of speech and choice is very important in everybody’s life. That’s why I have chosen to leave my country Eritrea because of its dictatorship government where people are expected to just accept and clap their hands for all that the government decide to do.

When I reached Derby after a long journey, I felt free, I felt excited and full of hope for my future. But also I felt that everything was new for me; the food, the people, the language and the cold weather. Everything was totally different which was a bit depressing at the beginning. I remember I was eating chicken and chips for two months for my meals only because I was unable to cook or order different British food that I was not familiar with.

Six months ago, I had the opportunity to join the Lexis course at the Roundhouse to learn English. The rst time I was so shy and scared and I didn’t speak English as I speak it now. At the moment, I can say I have achieved my language goals and I have made a lot of friends in this college.

I am so happy now, because I have a lot of friends I’m surrounded by them and I have achieved what I can and what I want to be now. But that is not the end for me. I want to do the best and I need to make a difference to my future life. I believe nothing is impossible. I am prepared for the worst, but I hope for the best.

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