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Mahad Mughal


I moved to Derby in 2017. When I came to Derby it was a dark, rainy and very cold night. The rain washes the roads and houses in Derby and gives water to its trees and flowers and people, who come from many different countries. It seems like the rain welcomed me to the city of Derby. I loved the welcome, and I feel that Derby showed me that the city is not just for British people but in fact this city is for everyone.

An amazing thing about Derby is its very strange weather because in one day I have seen that it can rain while the sun shines, and then have a heavy snow fall. That really astounded me. As this city has very creative weather, I thought that its residents should also be very creative.

One day as I was studying about the city of Derby I realised that this city is full of history, so I decided that I must visit as many places in the city as I personally can. So I started my journey. First thing which I saw were the houses. The houses are all the same, small and very expensive. Then I noticed the buses. I was amazed at the double decker buses! Once while looking at some very old buildings I forgot my way home and had to ask someone for help. While I was talking to the guy, I was very nervous because my English is not good, but he understood me and told me the way to reach home. Derby really does welcome everyone.

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