Destination of dreams

Jaspreet Singh


Clean and clear, that’s exactly what was in my mind when I first stepped out of the car and saw the view in front of me. Everything was well structured when I looked out onto my street from my new home - parked cars, dustbins outside every house and even the houses themselves. In fact, all the houses looked similar. Some people will say that it’s all too similar. Well, not for a guy who comes from a country like Afghanistan where everything there was under construction for most of the time.

It was a life changing experience living in a small, beautiful and well established city like Derby. What increased my enthusiasm for the city was when I found the people from Sikh community and that a Sikh temple is only five minutes from my house.

My prayers were heard, everything was in its place. Slowly and gradually, I came to know new and exciting facts about Derby. I found a street with south Asian influences called ‘Normanton Road’, where I can get nearly everything that was special in my native country -food, spices, and people to communicate with.

I found an enormous park, ‘Normanton Park’ which is perfectly set-up for activities like playing sport, with a children’s area, a jogging track, and having great natural beauty. I find the park very peaceful place.

After all my time in this attractive small town, I’m well settled here with my studies going on at Derby College. It has an excellent campus with an amazing study structure. I find my career in safe hands and life is going on better than I ever imagined.

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