I am over the Moon

Harleen Singh


Boredom and the pain in my knees because I cannot stretch my legs, are the pains I felt during my trip to England.

Hi, I am Harleen Singh, a 17-year-old Indian boy, of Italian nationality. I am here to tell you about my experience living in England for the last six months.

As you have deduced, at the beginning of the story I was squashed in a car. That’s right, I came to the UK by car because my dad’s dream since childhood was to be a taxi driver! I don’t know why!

It was very difficult to abandon all my friends in Italy. However, I knew I had to, and I had to want to, so that I could change my life. I wanted new experiences, to meet new people and to have new problems to solve in my future life.

Well, now that I am here, it is time to get busy. So, I started college and after a month of college I started a part time job in a store. The college work and the job started to keep me very busy, which helped me so much not to miss Italy anymore. I was always as busy as a bee.

Derby College is helping me to improve my English, and I’m very happy about that because that is one of the reasons I’m here. I chose England because the English language is cool. I chose England because it is only two hours from the nation that raised me. I chose England because in one local street, I can taste 100 different national foods.

Now my friends from Italy ask me, 'Ao sei felice de sta lassu?' which means, 'Are you happy to live up there?' I answer in English with a tone of voice so British: 'Believe me, I’m over the moon.'

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