Better life in Derby

Diogo Dias Nunes


The first time I travelled by plane was when I came to Derby from Portugal with my mother and sister in July 2017.

Although I usually loved travelling, I felt stressed and confused like a lost child.

The first few days when I used to go out, I was very uncomfortable seeing different people speaking different languages, different places, everything was different from Portugal.

After six weeks, I started college to learn English. I was enthusiastic and excited, but at the same time I was very shy and scared when anyone asked me anything. I was unable to understand or answer them and that was very frustrating to me.

The second week of college, we went on a field trip to Pickford House in Derby. It was a gorgeous old building in the heart of the city. Everything was beautiful in the house; the rooms, the garden and especially Joseph Wright’s paintings.

I will never forget this trip because that was the first time I started talking to my classmates and had new friends. We enjoyed taking photos and talking about ourselves.

Learning English and adapting to my new life in Derby has been a hard journey but they are the best opportunities I have ever had that will enable me to achieve my ambition of studying graphic design.

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