My first impressions of Derby

Birute Kvietkauskaite


It was a hot and beautiful day, when I came to Derby. I was very happy and excited, but the main purpose when I came here was that I wanted to see my sister. When I saw her after one year, I hugged her and we were close to each other for more than five minutes. After that, she showed me my room, where I would have to sleep. The room was large with high ceilings, wide and large windows in front of the entrance, but the walls and the wardrobe did not look nice. They needed to be repainted. It was a guest house and I had to share my bedroom with another girl and share the bathroom with other guests, but I did not lose my mood because of that. I wanted to be here, because it was interesting. I wanted to see all the new things in town and meet with new people. This was my first step towards living without my parents, living an adult life.

When I went to the city centre, there were many people and they looked very friendly and honest. Not all, but most of them. On the street they greeted with me 'Hello' or 'Hiya', they asked me 'How are you?'. I was surprised, because they did not know anything about me when they saw me for the first time. And then into my mind popped the idea that many people from many countries live here and I can get acquainted with them.

But there were a few things, which I didn't like such as the smell of cigarettes in the town. A lot of people were smoking cigarettes and consuming drugs. In the town centre I saw guys about 30 years old, who slept on the asphalt near the town centre fast food shops. They looked sick and this view looked terrible in the city centre. Also people littering and throwing rubbish on the streets. It smelled foul and looked unpleasant to me.

So, these are my first impressions of Derby. I am happy to be here. I like this city with the many kind and pleasant people.

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