Death boats to Derby

Adam Alhafez


My journey to Derby was very long and tough. I travelled from Sudan to Chad through the desert, then from Libya to Italy on death boats, then from Italy to France by walking through the mountains and protected forests and finally I made it to England.

This trip was full of all sorts of dangers.

I had experienced persecution and suffering in Libya by the militias and human traffickers, but I did not give in to the circumstances, instead I stood for my mother's dreams and for my future.

If you want adventure you have to bear the consequences of the road.

As you all know, most of people coming from Africa are forced, by the terrible conditions of war and the poor humanitarian situation, to leave their beloved countries.

Because of the deadly bloody war and corrupt leadership, I had to choose between the hammer of death at the hand of our government and access to Europe, in search of a dream for security and stability and a better life.

I personally am a victim of these wars and con icts in Africa.

When I arrived in the UK I was shocked and confused because I thought this would be heaven, but I found that everything was different.

The first city I came to was Birmingham. It was very busy and noisy, I lived in a very run-down place, it was disgusting, and I didn’t like it.

Then I moved to Derby, it was quieter and more relaxing than Birmingham.

I felt on the top of the world, I was delighted and I was confident.

The people here are nice and friendly, but I still miss my family and my Mum's cooking terribly.

Last year I applied for residency and fortunately I was granted it.

I am happy now. I can think about my future and about my dreams, because I joined Derby College and it has given me opportunities to improve my skills and make many friends.

When we talk about Derby, it promises that the future will be bright and the dreams will come true.

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