My first day in Derby

Abdelaziz Khater


My first day in Derby, I was accompanied by The National Asylum Support Service (NASS) to the Normanton area to a new house. I was welcomed by the lady from NASS and she explained to me about the house and she showed me to my room and gave me the keys.

During that day, I was alone in the house, I was scared because I didn’t know anyone here and I did not have any food. I waited until my housemates arrived, but before they came I saw something incredible, snow outside. I went out and I picked up two pieces of snow in my hands. I felt very cold as if I had lost a part of my hand. The weather was extremely cold.

I was surprised at how I went outside my home and started my life in the cold in Derby city.

My housemates arrived and they welcomed me in English. I recognised that they didn’t speak my language and in addition to that, they were not from my country. I spent time with my housemates ge ing to know them and after that I went out into the city. It was nearly night time, the weather was cloudy. As I walked through the streets near my house, the weather started to change again, now it was raining. Firstly, it was raining gently and then suddenly it started to rain harder and harder and the sound of the raindrops was deafening. I heard in my ears as if some people were throwing stones.

When I looked down at my coat, it was wet so I ran home as fast as I could. That made me extremely cold, especially the lower part of my body. My body started shaking but this was more as a result of my mind thinking I was so cold. As I was walking down the street I started to think about the changeable weather in Derby; within a couple of hours the weather had snowed and become extremely cold. I had never experienced this in all my life before I came to Derby. In addition to that, I thought the weather here was going to make my life more difficult in the future. What is more, it contradicted my expectations. I had experienced more than two weather changes in one day and now I had a heavy cold.

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