May the 4th be with you? What does it mean? If you’ve no idea then Twitter today must be a mystifying place as it fills up with memorials to cast membersStar Wars-inspired mashup videos or Yoda jokes.

But by now it should be obvious – the 4th of May is Star Wars Day! So for our own (brief and, admittedly, bandwagon-leaping) literary offering we’ve rounded up the best Star Wars books out there for newbies and veterans to get their fix.

I’ve never seen Star Wars

If you don’t know your Red Leaders from your Obi-Wans then you might be best off starting in a timeline way before the movies with Dawn of the Jedi, by Tim Lebbon. It’s got the galactic scope you’ll come to love and enjoyable without having to know anything about the universe.

I’ve finished the films, now what?

According to The Verge, if you want to return to Star Wars outside of the cinema you should pick up Timothy Zahn’s series, The Thrawn Trilogy. With ties to existing characters (watch out for Luke Skywalker’s future wife) and powerful new figures, this run of novels is the best place to start.

What’s the best book to read next?

If you’ve already travelled far and wide in the Star Wars back catalogue, you may be wondering which novel should be top of your reading list. Over at Screen Rant there’s a brilliant run down of the best 10 Star Wars canon books – start at the top with Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp and work your way down!

Read all the books, I have

Fine, but what about the graphic novels? NME reckons that Star Wars Vol.1: Skywalker Strikes (2015) is the choice for you, and they must be right because called it ‘The perfect Star Wars comic’. Go, read, and enjoy Star Wars Day. #Maythe4thbewithyou!

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